We Need You!

One thing that we have become increasingly aware of  of just how difficult it is to maintain communications with all art teachers in the state.  We really need people who are willing to help us get the word out on UAEA issues and also to provide constructive feedback to help steer this association in a meaningful direction. Interested? Please email

Scheduled Board Meetings

Friday, September 22 at 6:00 - 8:00 at Corner Canyon HS.

Friday, November 17 at Cedar Ridge Elementary in Cedar Hills 6:00 - 8:00 pm.


Job Descriptions

In an attempt to better clarify and define our roles we are currently looking at job descriptions for the UAEA Board.  Below is a short list and will continue to expand as we work from the core outwardly.  We are always looking for good, hard working people to add their talents to the association and willing to serve on the board.


  • The President Elect will work with the President and Vice President to learn the duties and responsibilities of the presidency.


  • The President presides at all official meetings of the UAEA and prepare an agenda for meetings of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.
  • The President will act as the representative of the UAEA, prepare an annual report of the UAEA activities for NAEA.
  • The President will work with the Treasurer/Business Manager, the Publications Coordinator, the Conference Coordinator , and with the Membership Coordinator
  • The President will appoint necessary committee chairpersons for the purpose of carrying on the activities of the UAEA.
  • The President or his/her designee will also serve as a representative to the Delegates Assembly of the National Art Education Association.
  • On completing the term of office the President will then serve as the Past President of the UAEA for a one-year time period.


  • The Past President will serve as Chairperson of the Nominations Committee.
  • The Past President will serve as the UAEA representative to the Delegates Assembly of the National Art Education Association for one year.


  • The Secretary/Historian will keep an accurate record of all meetings of the Board of Directors and distribute copies to the Board of Directors and keep minutes of meetings of the Executive Committee and send copies to the Executive Committee.
  • The Secretary will serve as the official historian of the Association during his/her term(s) of office.

Business Manager (Treasurer)

  • The Treasurer/Business Manager will receive and disburse all monies of the association as directed by the President and the Board.
  • The Treasurer/Business Manager will prepare an annual budget for the Association.
  • The Treasurer/Business Manager will maintain a record of all monetary transactions of the Association and shall submit these records for audit.
  • The Treasurer/Business Manager will provide frequent financial statements to all members of the Board and Regional Officers and shall present a financial report to all general membership meetings of the Association.
  • The Treasurer/Business Manager will serve as Chairperson of the Finance Committee. The Treasurer/Business Manager will prepare and submit all necessary government reports.

Conference Coordinator

  • The Conference Coordinator shall oversee all of the activities concerning the annual conference including, but not limited to, the arrangements for speakers, exhibitions, and lodging and food contracts.
  • The Coordinator will be responsible for conference publicity, registration and evaluation.
  • The Coordinator will chair the Conference Committee.

Reimbursement Form

UAEA Board

Adriana Moore

Historian, Photographer
Bonneville High School

Amanda Toler

Canyon High School

Amy Ollerton

Vendor Coordinator

Anna Davis

Art History Rep
Timpanogos High

Carrie Beeke

Social Media
UAEA Board Member

Carrie Wilson

President Elect
Canyon View Jr High School

Charlotte Hawkins


Connie Thorkelson

Paint Out Coordinator

Diane Asay

Retired Representative

Dianna Huxhold

Weber State University

Doug Allen

BTS Representative
Jordan District

Elicia Gray

Student Representative

Elizabeth Sampson

Yam Representative
Duchesene District Arts Coordinator

Ellice Taylor

Conference Presentations/Matrix
Jordan District


Jaquelynn Morgan


Jen Terry

BTS Rep.

Jessica Weiss Proctor

Museum Co-Rep/Awards
Springville Museum of Fine Art

John B. Pincock

Jolynn Forman

Teacher Exhibitions and Catherine Ford Scholarship


Juliann Goss

helper at conferences

Katie Seamons

Awards Committee

Kristine Alder

Site Committee Chair
Pine View High

Kristy Carter

Conference Helper
Juab District

Laura Decker

Museum Rep
Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Lindsey Heinig

Monticello Academy

Lori Pomeroy

North Regional Rep/Raffle Prizes
Sunrise Elementary

Lori Santos

President Elect


Marsha Trottier

Public Relations Representative/Newsletter
Renaissance Acadamy

Michael Bingham

High School Rep
Mountain Crest High School


Michelle Landers

Michelle Montierth


Nancy Steele


Sandy Brunvand

Higher Ed Rep/ Fall Conference
University of Utah

Sharon Gray


Stacy Schimbeck

Site Committee
Mill Creek High

Stephanie Clegg

South Summit School District

Stephanie Combe

Conference Credit
Davis High School

Stephen Jones

Site Committee
Hurricane High


Steve Pratt

Charter School Representative
Reagan Academy