Art Blogs

Here are a few really nifty blogs that just might give you some insights and suggestions for teaching art.  Also In the spirit of sharing and desire to connect throughout the year, we’d encourage you to contact us via email and provide us with your websites and blogs so we can place links to this sites to stay better informed and connected. Send an email to us with your url!

What is a DAC?

The District Arts Coordinator or DAC is, in short, an advocate of the arts for schools and school district.  These are key people in your district who are there to help you do your job within the arts.  You strongly suggest you contact and communicate your needs and hopefully your desire to support them in their role in furthering art education.  Keep in mind, many DACs do this job in addition to a teaching assignment. The DAC provides services to his or her school district, which generally include:

  • Dissemination of district, community, state, and national communication
  • Advise on and provide arts advocacy and public relations information
  • Provide professional in-servicing, nurturing, and leadership for teachers
  • Identify and (in some districts manage) resources, finances, grants, and budgets
  • Provide advice on staffing
  • Work as a resource for students and teacher curricular integration and assessment
  • Attend periodic district and state meetings, and hopefully national workshops.
  • Facilitate CORE implementation, enhance student learning through best practices and diverse learning methods.

Out of all of the district curriculum advocates and staff members, no other position has more potential effect on the emotional development of a student than the District Arts Coordinator.


Increasingly artists, students and art educators are finding places on the web to network. Creatives of all types can find a home on these social sites.

  • ArtSlant: ArtSlant is a contemporary art network that will allow you to share news about exhibitions and more.
  • deviantART: Join this community to share and connect with digital artists, photographers, animators, and more.
  • artselector: Artselector is a contemporary art collective with networking, news, and more.
  • Artween: Artween is a social network for the arts, by and for art lovers.
  • Tailcast: Tailcast is a social network for artists, writers, and musicians.
  • Humble Voice: Check out Humble Voice to find a community for artists, designers, and musicians.
  • meseon: Meseon is a great place to enjoy and share art.
  • quarterlife: quarterlife is a social network for creative people around the world.
  • E=MC²: This community of creative people use E=MC² to sell art, become famous, and make friends.
  • MyFolio: Upload your tutorials, artwork, and more for other artists, the public, and employers.
  • StartupNation: Artists in business for themselves will appreciate the resources available on StartupNation.
  • MyArtSpace: Visit this online community to connect with artists, students, teachers, critics, curators, and others in art around the world.
  • Smashing Magazine Forum: Designers, photographers, and other creatives can find a home on the Smashing Magazine forums.
  • Facebook: Facebook is a general social network, but you can attract a huge following through the site.
  • Art Review: Find discussion, debate, and more through Art Review.
  • Rhizome: In Rhizome, you’ll find thousands of artists, curators, and art enthusiasts.
  • ConceptArt: Connect with other conceptual artists on ConceptArt.
  • Taltopia: Taltopia works to connect artists with fans and talent professionals.
  • WetCanvas: On WetCanvas, you’ll find cyber living for artists, with content channels, member connections, and more.
  • Asoboo: Asoboo offers an international creative network that will connect you with interesting people, places, and things to do.
  • is a wonderful place to connect with people in the art community and beyond.
  • beinArt: The beinArt surreal art forum features surrealist, fantastic, and psychedelic art.
  • Cghub: Cghub offers networking for entertainment, including animation, movies, illustration, and games.
  • Behance: On Behance, you can share your portfolios and find collaboration.
  • Lab for Culture: Lab for Culture offers a platform for cooperation between artists and culture organizations.
  • Artmesh: This community offers an artist showcase as well as collaboration, communication, and inspiration.
  • Shapeshifters: Shapeshifters offers loads of knowledge for the global creative community.
  • Twitter: Build one on one connections in your community by participating in the lighting fast network of Twitter.
  • ArtBistro: ArtBistro is a community for members of the visual arts community.
  • Artlog: Connect with others, share you work, and discover new art in this global community.
  • Creative Quarter: On Creative Quarter, you’ll find news, reviews, and more for creatives.
  • Likemind: Visit the likemind website to learn about meetings of creative people in your area.
  • LinkedIn: Although generally reserved for business, LinkedIn offers a great platform for getting socially connected in just about any circle.
  • imeem: Share what’s on your playlist of blogs, audio, video, and photos.
  • Independent Collectors: Here you’ll find a great platform for collectors to discuss art and network online.
  • ArtistsNetwork: ArtistsNetwork is a fine art forum and community with a book club, contests, and more.

District Art Coordinators

Aaron Webb

Park City District

Adam Eskelson

District Arts Coordinator
Salt Lake School District

Alisa Petersen

Iron District

Anna Davis

Art History Rep
Timpanogos High

Aurora Hughes Villa

Cache District


Calvin Ward

Rich District

Carolyn Rappleye

Millard District

Cheryl Johnson

North Summit District

Christa Jensen-Green

Grand District

Colleen Nicholes

Ogden District

Diana Bettino

District Arts Coordinator
Carbon School District


Don Hill

South Sanpete District


Don Yates

Piute District

Donna Croft

Davis District

Elizabeth Sampson

Yam Representative
Duchesene District Arts Coordinator


Gwen Callahan

Emery District

James Rees

Provo School District

Janel Parry

District Arts Coordinator
Sevier School District


Janice Hatch

Garfield District

Jill Burnside

District Arts Coordinator
Murray School District

John Miller

Alpine District


Josh Baird

Kane District

Julie Christofferson

Nebo District

Kristy Carter

Conference Helper
Juab District

Lee Roy Nielsen

Tooele District

Linda Sorensen

Beaver District

Lynna Kendall

Uintah District

Mary Ann Erdmann

District Arts Coordinator
Jordan School District


Mary Kay Kirkland

Box Elder District

Matthew Patterson

Weber District


Mike McDonald

Tintic District


Myron Mickelsen

Sevier District

Paula Jenkins

Duchesne District

Robert Schmidt

District Arts Coordinator
Washington School District


Robin Williams

Logan District


Ron Nielson

San Juan District

Sari Christensen

Alpine District

Sharee Jorgensen

Canyons District


Sherry Ellett

Wayne District

Stephanie Clegg

South Summit School District

Tamara Burnside

Granite District

Teresa Draper

Daggett District


Tim Kidder

North Sanpete District